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Ten ways to use Skype in a course

April 11, 2011

Skype is a free conferencing tool that allows people to communicate by voice or video. It’s widely used and not hard to set up – even with video. Lots of parents use it to communicate with college students, especially when they are studying abroad. You can even share screens and documents. Here’s a short summary:

Most of the Skype usage I have heard about has been informal and social, but there are plenty of ways people can integrate this tool into teaching and learning. Here are a few:

  1. Remote class – when you have to be away at a conference, conduct class via Skype from your hotel room.
  2. Guest speaker – interview an expert alum or invite a poet to talk to the class.
  3. Panel – ask multiple colleagues in different places to participate in a discussion with your class.
  4. Field trip – ask a docent in a museum or an archaeologist at a dig to show your students what they are doing and seeing.
  5. Language practice – match your students with volunteers from another country for conversation.
  6. Group work – students contact each other outside of class to work on projects.
  7. Office hours – conduct student meetings or help sessions from your office or from home.
  8. Collaboration – share a data gathering project with classes in other locations.
  9. Performance – show a student presentation, skit, or speech to an expert evaluator.
  10. Absence – if a student has to miss a class due to illness, he can participate through a Skype connection.

Selected resources

Update: here’s a real-world example – Libyan Rebels Skype With Lehigh U. Students – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Read this article in Armenian!

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