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Using Etherpad for collaboration

March 21, 2011

Etherpad is a web-based system that provides “really real-time” document collaboration for multiple users. I have used it at several professional meetings and it works exceptionally well. It is very simple to use!

You can host your own Etherpad or use one of the free public sites, like TitanPad. The code was owned by Google, but they released it as open source. It does not work on the iPad – yet.

There is no noticeable delay in text appearing on the screen with multiple users. We had half a dozen people sharing a pad recently and it worked fine. Another feature I like is the ability to incorporate URLs in your notes. They are immediately recognized and made “hot.” If you export the pad, you can choose to save it as an HTML document where the links are functional.

This is a great tool for classroom collaboration. I know that it is also used as a “back channel” for note-taking at conferences. The video below provides a very brief overview. The best way to learn more is to try out Etherpad with a few friends.

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  1. Voices from the back(channel) of the class « NspireD2: Learning Technology in Higher Ed.

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