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Granting access to Concourse/Blackboard

February 21, 2011

Concourse (Blackboard Vista at Notre Dame) automatically adds or drops students as they add and drop courses through the registrar. You don’t have to worry about maintaining your basic class list. Teaching assistants officially listed with the course in the registrar’s database are also automatically listed in Concourse.

In spite of these conveniences, you may need to grant people access to your class. You might have an unofficial auditor or visiting student. Maybe you want to let a curious colleague into to your space. Or perhaps a staff assistant or graduate student is helping you out. No problem. The process for adding a user to your Concourse space is pretty straightforward:

  • Log into Concourse and click the course title
  • Click the “Teach” tab, then “Grade Book”
  • Click “Enroll Members”
  • For the “User Name” enter the person’s Net ID (you can find it in the directory)
  • Check the role(s) you want the person to have
    • Auditor – can access the same material as a registered student.
    • Teaching Assistant – can access the Teach tab to manually enter grades and more (but can’t upload or download grade files). Course settings control other permissions.
    • Section designer – can access the Build tab to add content
  • Click “Enroll” for verification of the name
  • If the correct name appears, click “Save” – don’t forget this step!
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