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Why are items so small on my screen?

January 25, 2011

Objects in the mirror by ArtLightsI hear this question periodically, often referring to video windows in a browser. One answer is that the items only LOOK smaller because your screen has gotten larger.

Not too long ago we were happy with 13″ monitors that provided 800 x 600 pixels of screen real estate. Now many folks have 17″ displays (or larger), and many are wide-screen.

If your screen has a 1920 x 1200 resolution you have nearly EIGHT times the space of a 13″ monitor. Lots of room for email, calendars, YouTube videos, and bibliographies. Each of those items will appear relatively smaller on the large screen than the same size window appeared on your old display.

Your operating system will let you change the resolution of your display. Here’s a little rule to remember: the larger the numbers the more you can fit on the screen and the smaller each item appears.

[Photo: Objects In Mirror Are… by ArtLights]

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