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Video slams and a stunning presentation

December 23, 2010
slam left The video in this post was done for Google Demo Slam, where teams compete to create videos that show off Google tools. slam right

Each video in a slam is a demo of a particular tool – two minutes, max. One video is pitted against another and the viewer is asked to pick a winner. The demos are good; I encourage you to browse through the collection at the site (click “All demos” at the top of the screen). And they’re all accessible on YouTube.

That is an amazing video. It’s more sophisticated than most of the demos on the site and it represents a ridiculous amount of work.

The slam strategy could be adapted for a course if you tone down the sophistication level. Ask groups of students to each create a two-minute video on a concept related to the course. The short length will minimize the impact of editing. On the most basic level, if you screw up you just record again until you get it right. After the videos are submitted, randomly play pairs of them head-to-head and ask the class to vote on which does a better job of making its point. When it’s all done, keep the best videos to use in future courses.


[tip o’ the hat to Jon Crutchfield for passing along the Mashable article]

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