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Latest phone is pure Google

December 17, 2010

According to the 2010 Horizon Report, mobile computing will play an increasing role in teaching and learning in the near future. Lately I see more and more students with smartphones, and many of them are using Google’s Android operating system (OS). Don’t misunderstand. I like Apple’s iPhone and other mobile devices, but we are all better off when there is real competition in the marketplace. That’s why I find this latest announcement encouraging.

The Nexus S, for sale now at Best Buy, is Google’s latest effort at a smartphone. Built by Samsung, the device has a great feature set, including a 5 MP camera and 16 GB of memory. Most cell phone carriers layer their own “look and feel” on top of Android. In contrast, the Nexus S is pure Android. T Mobile has not messed with the OS, so users don’t have to worry about apps crashing every time Google issues an update.

A very interesting aspect of the Nexus S is that the phone contract is optional. With access to WiFi you can make a phone call using an app like Skype. The Nexus S would make one heck of a PDA! Google is not only coming after Apple, they are going to be scaring the phone companies as well.

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