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Interactive site tells urban stories

November 29, 2010

Out My Window is a multimedia documentary by Katerina Cizek about residential highrise buildings. It is part of the National Film Board of  Canada’s Highrise project, which deals with the human experience in global vertical  suburbs.

On the outside, they all look the same. But inside these towers of concrete and glass, people create community, art, and meaning.

Opening menu screen

This Flash-based interactive 360° website is visually compelling and the content is fascinating. From the opening screen you click a window to”open” it and enter an apartment. Inside you learn about the lives of its occupants through images, audio vignettes, and videos. The stories come from cities all over the world, including Amsterdam, Chicago, Beirut, and Istanbul.

Montreal apartment features a pastry chef

The experience is unlike any film documentary; you choose what to explore and in what order. There’s more than 90 minutes of material in thirteen different languages, and it’s all accompanied by cutting-edge music.

To learn more: View the trailer |Read the press release

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