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iPad update is a mixed bag

November 23, 2010

Apple just updated the software behind the apps on the iPhone and iPad. The changes are incremental for phone users but iOS 4.2 is a big deal for us tableteers. We are finally getting the cool stuff that Apple has kept from us since iOS 4 was released five months ago.

Three new features I like are

  1. Multitasking – this lets me quickly switch from one app to another, so I can be taking notes at a conference and pop over to Safari and check out the website they speaker just mentioned without quitting the word processor
  2. Folders – I have 76 apps on my iPad and I love that I can gather items into a folder to reduce the number of menu screens
  3. Search – find text on a web page in Safari

A folder on my iPad

And there were couple of minor disappointments:

  • Printing – the AirPrint feature only works with 10 HP printers for now. After living without printing on my iPad for eight months, this is not a huge issue.
  • Keyboards – more languages are available, but I hoped there would be arrow keys for editing. It’s not clear how the on-screen keyboard was improved.

This post reflects the major changes that most greatly affected me. There were dozens of other updates, from additional functionality to small tweaks. If you’d like to learn more:

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