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Study connects Twitter and Engagement

November 12, 2010

A new study found that students who used Twitter over the course of a semester to contribute to class discussion and complete assignments became more than twice as engaged in class as a control group. Reynol Junco, who conducted the research at Lock Haven University, has spent years exploring student use of technology. The results the current study will soon be published in the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.

I am not a regular “tweeter,” but many of my colleagues use Twitter effectively to share ideas, websites, articles, and products they like. You may remember an article here a year ago about Digital Humanities Now, an excellent website that merges and distills thousands of tweets into a meta-blog.

As with any tool, Twitter can be used well or poorly. A few years ago at a conference I attended, some of the leaders were tweeting snarky comments about a keynote speaker during his Q&A time – rather than confronting him with their criticisms.

If you are not sure what Twitter is or how you would use it, try watching Twitter in Plain English at YouTube.

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