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October 13, 2010

Back in April I posted an introduction to Audioboo, the audio microblogging website and iPhone/Android app. Last week I demoed the service to a group on campus and was reminded of what a neat tool it is. I was talking with a language teacher this morning and suggested Audioboo as a tool that students could use to record themselves in the target language. In this case, students will watch a video clip from a news broadcast and then complete written exercises. They could also use Audioboo record a summary of the video in their own words. In the end they would have incorporated listening, speaking, reading, and writing in one activity.

One of the cool features of Audioboo is that your “boos” are automatically accessible in iTunes podcast — here is my podcast, for example. The students in my multimedia class create podcasts, and I am considering Audioboo as an easy way for them to publish.

Boos are also accessible as MP3 files in an RSS feed — here is mine. That means (contrary to what I wrote in April) they CAN be embedded in a blog post. Here is a boo that describes the Netvibes dashboard service:

Of course, you can also embed a boo on a page in Concourse. Finally, Audioboos can be tagged. Create a tag for a class and then you and your students can use it to simplify finding class-related boos. You could also create a separate Audioboo account for a course and save podcasts to it.

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