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Scale-type questions in Concourse

October 4, 2010

Image by Fort Worth Squatch

I received a question today, regarding use of scale-type questions in Concourse. You often see these in a survey, with answers on a scale, like “Completely agree, agree somewhat, etc.” Blackboard Vista doesn’t offer this kind of question per se, but you can create multiple-choice questions with appropriate answer choices. The difficulty comes in viewing the results. Concourse provides minimal statistics on surveys, and students might need anonymity. Even if you use a quiz, the data you receive from Concourse might not be adequate.

Here are a couple of strategies to try:

  1. Download the raw survey result data from Concourse and import it into Excel. It is not hard for Excel to give you averages, standard deviations, and other statistics.
    • From the Build tab in Concourse, click “Assessment Manager.”
    • Click the menu icon by the name of the survey and choose “View Reports”
    • Click “Run Report” and then “Download Records”
  2. Create a survey outside of Concourse and embed it on a page in your course. I like Google Forms, but there are other great options, like Survey Monkey.

NOTE: Surveys on Concourse are anonymous. However, the grade book indicates who has replied, so if only one person has completed a survey you can determine their responses. Explain this to students and assure them that you will not attempt to see anyone’s answers.

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