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Let Concourse teach you

September 14, 2010

Have you tried one or two of the tools in Concourse? Do you want to know what the other tools can do? A “Model Course” is available, where you can explore the system as a student and learn about ways it might help you as a teacher.

If you have taken a Concourse workshop in the past few years you may already be enrolled. It’s easy to check: log in and scan your course list; if it includes “Model Course” you are good to go. Otherwise, you can self-register using the link on this page – (Notre Dame only). The course includes

  • Content – samples of different types of files, as well as examples of embedded media
  • Assessments – try a quiz, survey, and self-test to see how they work
  • Grades – after taking the quiz, see how students would view their grades in the “My Grades” tool
  • Discussions – experience asynchronous messaging and get ideas for how it can be used
  • Library – links to information and tips on how to incorporate these resources into Concourse
  • Wimba – examples of voice tool usage and tutorial information
  • Assignment – see how students might submit work online
  • Learning module – a sample is provided

To experience a guided introduction to Concourse, you can download a tutorial document (ND only) that walks you through much of the Model Course.

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