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Six ways to make Concourse pretty

August 9, 2010

Concourse* is not the best tool if you want to seriously customize the look of your course website. If total control is a high priority, you should probably consider other website options. That being said, there are at least six ways to put a personal stamp on a Concourse page. (the first three items below link to earlier blog posts)

  1. Use custom icons
  2. Pick a new color scheme 0r create your own
  3. Customize the menus – hide items and make the orientation vertical or horizontal.
  4. Choose a different icon set – under the Build tab, click “Manage Course,” then “Course Content Icons.” Now click “Select new Content Icon Set” and make a choice.
  5. Adjust the page layout or background – under the Build tab click the Page Options button and choose “Customize Page Display” to reveal three options:
    • Layout – number of icons in a row, alignment, text display
    • Background image (this can make a page hard to read)
    • Background color
  6. Edit the Header or footer – choose to edit either of them under Page Options and then …
    • Enable the HTML creator to add text or insert a banner image
    • Braver users can experiment with pasting javascript code – embed a Google Calendar in the header or a live clock in the footer (I’m not sure why…)

Additional help:

  1. Our Concourse Tips and Tricks page.
  2. University of Alberta – handout on creating a homepage
  3. UNC-Charlotte – adding a header

*Concourse is Notre Dame’s flavor of Blackboard Vista

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