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Ito keynote: Sound bytes and videos

June 10, 2010

Today’s opening keynote at the 2010 NMC Summer Conference was presented by cultural anthropologist Mimi Ito. Her talk, “Learning with Social Media: The Positive Potential of Peer Pressure and Messing Around Online,” centered on three paradigm shifts in peer-based learning:

  1. Originality -> Appropriation
  2. Stocks of knowledge -> Flows of knowledge
  3. Assessment -> Reputation

Mimi Ito

Lots of smarter people will have blogged about this, so I thought I’d just share my favorite sound bytes:

  • “Google isn’t making us stupid, we have ourselves to blame for that.”
  • “Lateral flows of knowledge from student to student are becoming more robust and speedy.”
  • “It’s about building new kinds of social contracts”
  • “We can no longer assume that a stable canon of knowledge can be simply transmitted to students.”
  • “What looks like a distraction from the point of view of the instructor is a learning opportunity from the point of view of the student.”

The NMC audience loved the videos Dr. Ito shared, including:

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