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Oral Assignments in Concourse

May 14, 2010

Julia Douthwaite recently shared with me her methodology for meeting the following learning objectives using Concourse tools; her course was Survey I of French Literature. With her permission, I outline the goals and methodology here.

1). Learn basics of early modern art history; 2) Practice speaking French; 3) Acquire and use new vocabulary; 4) Enhance analytic skills for use with visual artifacts; 5) Incite comparative analysis of textual and visual sources.

The assignment used the Concourse (powered by Blackboard Vista) tool Wimba, allowing students to record their oral submission in Concourse anytime anywhere as long as students have a microphone. A big part of what she wanted to do was to give students specific feedback. For that … 

She needed to use a combination of tools, because although the Wimba recorder does support grading, as either letter or percentage, it doesn’t support offering students substantive feedback, nor any kind of grading rubric. There is a tool called “Grading Forms” in Concourse – it just doesn’t work with the Wimba plug-in!

So, for feedback, Julia developed a process which used two other Concourse tools in parallel, 1) The Discussion tool; and 2) The Grading Form. Below is her powerpoint outline of the assignment itself and a link to the step by step grading process.


WrittenFeedbackToOralAssessments_Concourse contains the step by step feedback and grading process she used.

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