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Cool image viewing tip

May 11, 2010

Cooliris is a browser plugin I have mentioned before that provides interactive slide shows of online images. In “My Own 2.0: uCoolIris Demo at Northern Voice” Alan Levine at CogDogBlog explains how to use the CoolIris tools to do a unique presentation.

This technique can be a useful when you have a collection of images that you want to browse through quickly, pulling up items on the fly. I followed Alan’s directions and used photos I took last summer in Spain to create a show at (below). You don’t need the CoolIris plugin to view the show because it runs in Flash (sorry iPad users).

Creating a show with a lot of images would get tedious if you entered all of the parameters (I didn’t do this). I also used a spreadsheet to speed up writing the repetitive code required for each image.

One step of this process will be problematic for lots of people: you need to post a special file at the root directory of the web server. That’s easy when you have your own domain, but hard (or impossible) when your website lives on a university’s network.

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