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Create your own search story

April 21, 2010

Remember that sappy commercial for Google (“Parisian Love“) that aired during the Super Bowl? Now you can make your own version with the Search Stories Video Creator. I tried the site and made a sample one for faculty developers (below). It goes too quickly, but you don’t have control over the speed. If you like what you create, you can save it to a YouTube account.

Generators are web pages that create a video, image, or other product based on your input. I’m sure some of you were victims of “Elf yourself” at Christmas time, for example. There are color scheme generators, logo generators, video creators from JibJab, and lots more.

These activities can be put to academic use. In the first week of class my “Applied Multimedia” students create a South Park character of themselves at “SP Studio.” They see a good example of interactive Flash, they learn how to capture a screen and crop it in PhotoShop, they practice submitting an assignment online, and they have a little creative fun. I get my first hints at what the students think of themselves.

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