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Designer colors for your course

April 20, 2010

If the default color scheme in Concourse (Blackboard Vista) is not to your liking, don’t worry — it is very easy to change.

  1. Log into your course and click the Build or Teach tab
  2. Click Manage Course and then Colors
  3. Choose one of the six standard color schemes or click Custom
    (set A is the default blue color scheme)
  4. With the Custom color scheme you control eight components.
    For some reason, you can NOT change the gray background of the left sidebar.

    • Click an icon to change background or text color
    • Click the desired color, then Apply
  5. After you finish making changes, click Apply to change the course color scheme

After you finish playing with flaming pink and green, remember that students actually have to be able to read your pages – without getting a headache. My advice is to use contrast; set dark text against a light background or light on dark. If you end up creating something truly hideous, just go back to the color tool and revert to Set A.

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