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Cyberinfrastructure Days at Notre Dame

April 20, 2010

The Center for Research Computing invites you to Cyberinfrastructure Days at Notre Dame April 29-30, 2010. Come and explore ways to use the power of technology for research, education, and business. Learn about advanced computing capabilities available at area campuses. Find out how to reduce computational time and increase capabilities. Registration is free and the event is open to the community. Learn more at

Institutions of higher learning are developing high-powered computer systems with advanced storage, graphic displays, networks, sensors, and related software to support research and instruction. A recent NSF report labeled this constellation of resources “Cyberinfrastructure”. Several institutions have organized “Cyberinfrastructure Days,” in which faculty, researchers, administrators, librarians, information technology (IT) professionals, students, business people, and other members of the community explore how their endeavors could be enhanced using the new technologies.

The first day of the event (Thursday, April 29) concentrates on applications in the humanities, while Friday centers on science and engineering. You can see a full schedule at

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