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Concourse direct login link

April 13, 2010

At Notre Dame, most users of Concourse (Blackboard Vista) enter the system through Inside ND (the university portal) or through the Concourse home page. Both options work fine and each has its advantages. There is a third option, however – a direct link.

Not THAT kind of loggin'! **

The system can provide you a web address that, after logging in, takes you directly to the course home page. This saves a few clicks, so students and faculty who log in to a specific course frequently are likely to find it useful. The address can also be published in a syllabus or on a traditional website. Don’t worry, still have to log in; posting the address does not make you vulnerable to attack.

Here’s how to find this top-secret information:

  1. Log into Concourse and enter your course
  2. Click the Build or Teach tab
  3. Click “Manage Course”
  4. At the bottom of the list you’ll see “Course URL”

This gets you into our "model course" if you are registered

** Flickr photo “Stacking” by Velo Steve [CC license]

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