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Mash up a resource page with Netvibes

March 31, 2010

There are lots of ways to share online resources with your students. Concourse is one tool, traditional websites are another, and some faculty use a blog as a course website. If you want to share a collection of resources that are publicly available on the web, consider signing up for Netvibes and customizing a “public page” for your course.

The image above shows a sample page I created – it includes a web page link, a blog summary, some Delicious links, a YouTube video, a Flickr photo, and an original Flash animation. There’s also a second tab with a Google calendar. You can add boxes with weather, news, stock quotes, maps, search tools, calculators and other widgets. Adventurous users can develop their own modules – perhaps one for searching our library catalog…

Netvibes is an easy way to create a colorful portal with up-to-date news, commentary, and media specific to your course. Visitors don’t have to log in and your page has a unique web address, so it’s easy to link it to Concourse or a course blog or a website. Of course, you can also use Netvibes to make a private personal start page.

If all of this intrigues you, then here’s how to get started.

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