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Concourse learning modules

March 15, 2010

One tool has yet to be discovered by many users of Concourse (Blackboard Vista at Notre Dame) — the learning module. It provides a way to organize and deliver different kinds of content in a single module, and the table of contents can give students quick access to lots of items at a glance. A learning module can also be a package of content that you export* and import between courses.

Creating a learning module

1. Log in to your course and go to the build tab
2. Click “Add content link” and select Learning Module
3. Click “Create Learning Module,” enter a title and click “Save”

Adding content

  • From the build tab click the icon for the learning module
  • To add a document, click “Add File” (image, PDF, web page with embedded content, etc.)
  • For anything else, click “Add Content Link” (web link, discussion, quiz, assignment, etc.

After you create the module, there are a number of ways you can organize the content:

  • Move items up and down the list
  • Indent or outdent items
  • Add headers (Chapter 1, Civil War, Boyle’s Law, etc.)

A learning module tool can be very useful in a content-heavy course. It also facilitates transferring groups of items* from course to course or semester to semester. And if you are distracted by icons, this is the tool for you – no icons need apply. Finally, the customizable “Action Menu Links” provide options to print, take notes and more.

Learn more: Utah State tutorials | Learning Modules (PDF)

* Only files, assessments, and headings can be exported – not web links, assignments, or discussions.

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