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Concourse for student feedback

March 1, 2010

This is a popular time for professors to ask students how well a course is going. One strategy is to conduct a survey using questions from the Course Instructor Feedback form that students complete at the end of the semester. The assessments tool in Concourse (Blackboard Vista at Notre Dame) can do anonymous online surveys. Being a generous fellow, I have zipped the questions into a file that lets you set everything up in about five minutes!

Here are basic instructions – without gory details:

  • Log into your course
  • Under the Build tab click Manage Course
  • Download this file to your desktop:¬†
  • Click Import and select the file under My Computer
  • Click OK and follow the import process on the screen
  • After the importing finishes click Return

At this point the survey includes the “University” questions, the “Informing Course Selection” section, and three open-ended items. I highly recommend that you go to the Assessments tool and add questions about learning goals, but that may be more than you want to tackle with Concourse. You can also delete questions.

Now you need to make the survey available to students:

  • Go to the page where you want the survey to appear
  • Click Add Content Link > Assessments
  • Select the survey and click Add Selected
  • The icon should say “(Hidden)” – click its drop-down menu and choose Show Item
  • Go to Student View to verify that the survey is ready

After students have taken the survey, the Grade Book shows who submitted it, but not their answers. To see the results:

  • Under the Teach tab click Assessments
  • Click the drop-down menu by the assessment’s name
  • Select View Reports > Overall Statistics
  • Click Run Report
  • View or download the results

There are more details on all aspects of this process in the Concourse help system.

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