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Not until I say so – Releasing content by date

February 15, 2010

Concourse (Blackboard Vista at Notre Dame) lets you easily control when your students can see documents and other content. This is very helpful for folks who like to plan ahead. You can load up a few weeks worth of materials and set them to be released – or hidden – at the appropriate time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enter your course and click the “Build” tab
  • Under “Designer Tools” click “Selective Release”
  • Under “Course Content” click “Set Release Criteria” for the item you want (click the plus sign to open a folder)
  • Click “Add Date Criteria”
  • Enter the date/time range and click “Save”
  • Click “Save” again (this one is easy to miss)
  • Give your release criteria a reality check under “Student View”

When you return to the Selective Release screen, you’ll see your criteria listed. To remove criteria, click the linked text and follow the prompts.

Some of you may have content that is not on a specific page. Students may access a discussion topic or assessment through a tool on the course menu, for example. No problem:

  • Under the “Build” tab, open the tool (Discussions, Assessments, whatever)
  • Click the little ActionLinks menu icon to the right of the item
  • Choose “Set Release Criteria”

After you set release criteria using either method, you will see “(Conditional)” next to the item.

You probably noticed that there are other kinds of release criteria you can use. Items can be released based on group membership or assessment score – even to a specific set of students. This is really a very useful feature of the system. Just don’t forget to look under “Student View” to be sure that your release criteria are doing what you expect.

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