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Seven free web tools for students

January 13, 2010

Students have needs, too! Here are some tools your students might be happy to learn about. Each one “lives in the cloud,” meaning the data is stored on the Internet, not your laptop. You can access your stuff from any computer, edit it, or share it if you want. And they’re all free for basic use.

  1. Website bookmarks – Delicious – tag, save, manage and share website links
  2. Bibliography – Zotero – gather, organize, and share sources (citations, images, videos, etc.)
  3. Storage – Dropbox – like a web-based flash drive
  4. Shared editing – Google Docs – create, edit and share docs, spreadsheets, and presentations
  5. Note-taking – Evernote – capture and access notes, snapshots, voice memos, websites, etc.
  6. Scheduling – Google Calendar – create and share calendars
  7. To do list – Remember the Milk – keep track of tasks, lists, and more

They could be recommended for specific uses in a course, or just on general principles. Before choosing one, consider how it integrates with other tools you use or mobile devices that you have. Some connect to FaceBook or have iPhone apps, for example.

For more information on free web tools, see the Learning Technology Lab website.

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  1. January 23, 2010 4:25 am

    Absolutely right!The tools that you have described here are really very helpful for all students.Good job.I will tell this to my brother so he can share this information with his friends.

  2. Chaz permalink
    January 13, 2010 11:51 am

    Something I’ve been encouraging students to do is back up frequently. Dropbox can function in that way but it’s not designed to do so or they find the 2GB size limiting. I tell students about Mozy and Carbonite and encourage them to use one of them. $50 a year for unlimited data backup is a heck of a good deal. for many students, the free accounts which are about 2GB may suffice.


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