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LG projector is no phony

January 12, 2010

The projector phone is one of the latest examples of mobile device convergence available to the public. The LG Expo phone offers a snap-on module that projects videos or still images wherever you like (as long as it’s dark enough). Perhaps you have seen the AT&T/LG commercial (below) where the chief geek projects the “Avatar” trailer from his phone. One of his co-workers says “nuh-UH” and Mr. Impressive responds “Ta-da!”

The typical pico projector, (a.k.a. handheld or pocket projector) can project an image up to 50″ diagonal. Resolution depends on the device, but expect 480 x 320 and up. The maximum distance to display is 5-6 feet, so dimly lit spaces will yield the best results. The devices measure about 5″ x 2″ x 1″ and weigh less than 1/2 lb.

Nokia XM5800 & MPro110 (by thomcochrane on Flickr)

Manufacturers including Aiptek, 3M, and Optoma sell pico projectors for $200-400.  You can connect one to smartphone, laptop, or other devices with the proper video output.

A writeup in Campus Technology writeup concludes that the technology is not ready for prime time. People who MUST have the latest thing will rush out and get one, but they’re probably best for informal audiences of five people or less. That having been said, we all know that better projectors will come out soon. They’ll be brighter. They’ll be built into laptops and phones. What will we do with them in higher ed?

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    This blog lots of news and information.
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