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Sign ’em up in Concourse

January 5, 2010
I Can't Afford an Actual Sign

I Can't Afford an Actual Sign (by Thomas Hawk on Flickr)

Concourse (Blackboard Vista at ND) lets you create a page where students can sign up for groups or make other choices. The groups can be linked to Concourse activities or used to create face-to-face teams, indicate areas of interest, or volunteer for a task.

Students can only sign up for one group on a sheet, but you can create a set of separate signup sheets for independent groups. Students can’t change groups after making a selection,. However, you can remove a student from one group and let them sign up for another. The instructor is NOT automatically a member of any group, so add yourself to be part of the “in crowd.”

I use a sign-up sheet to let students choose time slots for a brief one-on-one meeting with me at the beginning of the semester. I create groups of one and name them the date and time of the meeting.

To learn how to create signup sheets, read this one-page instruction sheet . Notre Dame faculty and TAs should feel free to contact us to talk through how they might use the group manager in a class.

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