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A learning module tool for the rest of you

December 4, 2009

You may soon hear buzz about a relatively new product named Udutu (yoo-DOO-too). It is an online tool for creating learning content that incorporates text, images, PowerPoint, and interactive elements. Jane Hart of the UK’s Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies includes Udutu on her list, “10 Tools for (20)10.”

Udutu would probably not be much of a labor-saver for the people I work with, since the user has to provide all the content. So, why am I writing about it? For one thing, Udutu can create tidy packages following the SCORM standard, and that means one ought to be able to import the content into a course management system. To test that theory I created an account and developed a tiny module (you can see it here). I tried to bring the package into Concourse but it didn’t work. Incidentally, I had the same luck the last time I tried to do this with a SCORM module created in Flash. Oh, well.

Udutu Screenshot

Udutu Screenshot

Okay, so NOW why would one want to try out Udutu? There are templates (which I didn’t explore) for creating “simulations” and “assessments.” You can also export the content and post it on your website, if you want, or publish content on their server. The tool is entirely web-based and the content-creation aspect of the service is free. The company only asks for money if they host a course for you. All of this makes a lot more sense if you – unlike myself – work in an environment where most of the teaching and learning is accomplished online.

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