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New Technologies New Pedagogies

October 28, 2009

Authors from the School of Education at the University of Wollongong have recently made an entire book available online “New Technologies, New Pedagogies: Mobile Learning in Higher Education.”

I perused the chapter titled “Faculty development for new technologies: Putting mobile learning in the hands of the teachers.”

There is technology available that is useful and could seriously change the when, where, how and why of learning. In fact, I’m so confident of that I’m depressed.
If you’re an Instructor, you probably already understand why. If you don’t, here are a couple of excerpts from the authors themselves:

“It is no surprise then that new technologies have not had a large impact on pedagogy when faculty find it challenging to engage in new ways of thinking about their teaching within current workload structures.”

How do we overcome our own hesitancies? I do see a ray of sunlight. Those designing the Faculty Development Program at Wollongong describe it this way –

slideshare_ipod“The basis for the design of the faculty development program required a process that would support the need for staff to own and use mobile technology in their professional and personal contexts in order to think differently about engaging their students in pedagogically sound ways. Many of the staff involved were hesitant about the preparation required for such a project and had experienced more traditional approaches to faculty development.”

“The research on mobile learning initially focused on the mobility of the technology, but has moved more recently from this interpretation to recognize that it is the mobility of the learner and the learning that is important (Sharples, Taylor, & Vavoula, 2007).”

Now to go ask my Director for that iPod…

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