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Undergrads and technology

October 26, 2009

ECAR logoDuring each of the last six years, Educause has studied undergraduate use of information technology. The goal is to provide reliable information to the folks responsible for implementing technology environments in higher education. This post cherry-picks a few of the findings cited in the 2009 report.

One trend is a steady increase in the percentage of students with laptop computers instead of desktops – it’s now about tw0-to-one. Another finding is that 90% of students now text message daily by phone, largely replacing instant messaging by computer. Regarding educational applications, 70% of students reported using a course management system (like our Concourse) during the semester they were contacted and 25% said they were using wikis.

Here are a few particularly challenging facts to ponder:

  1. Fewer than half of the students felt that most instructors were using technology effectively in their courses,
  2. Only a third said instructors provided students adequate training for the technology they were expected to use.
  3. Overall, students seem to prefer that faculty moderate their use of technology.

That’s not all! There’s lots more to read in the at 2009 ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology.

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