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Texas Begins Massive Effort in Second Life

October 23, 2009
UT facility in SL

UT facility in SL

Early last month the University of Texas system announced that it will use Second Life as a vehicle for a statewide learning community. The first-of-its-kind project involves students, faculty, researchers and administrators at sixteen campuses and integrates IRB-approved research and assessment. The Virtual Learning Community Initiative (VLCI) emphasizes teaching in the areas of science/ math, international/ intercultural, and health/ medical. And VLCI should have lots of elbow room in their huge 49-island archipelago. [Read more at their website]

It would be a serious understatement to say that this is a major development. Just think about it – an educational virtual world initiative conducted on a statewide level with public funding. Even the campus in the hardscrabble border city of Brownsville, where my daughter used to live, is involved. I can’t wait to see what the research and assessment folks come up with when it’s over.

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