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What’s the fuss about twitter?

October 8, 2009

WHAT can this thing be used for?

How about investigating what people are currently ‘talking’ or tweeting about? Start with and search for something. Anything. The page then offers a feed to the results. Is Taylor Swift considering enrolling at Notre Dame? Apparently Taylor Swift twitters. And people are tweeting what they’ve heard, seen and taken pictures of. Here’s the feed.

If a show of hands in class says your students all have Twitter accounts, why not class announcments? Create a brief name starting with # (called hashtag) and you’re in. From your twitter account, include those characters #myclass09 (after sharing with your students what the hashtag is) .

Twitter is more than a one way announcement. It can be a person, a presence, that a student carries with them. The beginning of a conversation to join. Informality seems to be the key. Some Libraries, Help Desks, and Learning Centers use Twitter in this fashion. Here’s this year’s Midwest MLA conference (ongoing at the moment) using Twitter to talk about uses of Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. (!)

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