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Virtual seminar on Weil

September 30, 2009

This fall, Professor Jane Doering is conducting a one-credit seminar at Notre Dame, “Simone Weil: Justice, Obligations, and Grace.” Students will explore the writings and actions of the French philosopher in the area of social justice (this year is the centennial Weil’s birth). Professor Doering is using Concourse to provide scanned documents, an audiobook, a podcast, and two video streams as the “texts.”

The class members are in two different locations – here on campus and at Angers, home of Notre Dame’s study abroad program in France. The two groups meet via video conference, using Skype software and everyday desktop computers. To date, the technologies have yielded a few glitches, but the overall experience has been very successful.

A highlight of the course will come at the end of October, when preeminent Weil scholar Robert Chenavier addresses the students in a live webcast from Angers during the conference hosted by the Association pour l’étude de la pensée de Simone Weil.

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