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How to follow a blog

September 29, 2009

gr-iconNot long ago I was far from a blog enthusiast, but then I discovered “the trick.” Now I enjoy keeping up with the latest news – on MY timetable. How do I do this?  I let Google Reader (GR) manage everything for me. First I give GR the names of the blogs I’d like to follow (see our Blogroll for some ideas). After that basic setup, every time I go to GR it gathers the titles of the latest posts and makes a list for me.  If I see something that looks interesting I can read more. I probably take a quick look at one out of every ten titles, then read half of those more closely. After I check the entire list I tell GR I have read everything, so that on my next visit I only see new items.

To subscribe to OUR blog in Google Reader right now, you can use this handy chicklet –

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  1. October 6, 2009 3:09 pm

    I’d like to point you to a slideshow I created about how to use Google Reader for professional development. Although it focuses on educational technology content, it’s also a good overview of how to actually use Google Reader.


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