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UPDATED April 10, 2014

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The 1o most viewed articles

  1. Best tools and practices for concept mapping
  2. Ten popular concept mapping tools
  3. Comparison chart – PowerPoint and Prezi
  4. 20 Types of Tablet Tools for Teaching
  5. Three easy ways to make academic websites
  6. Eight Basic Voice Recording Tips
  7. SmartArt in MS Office
  8. Seven (+?) resources for better PowerPoint
  9. Send your class on a media scavenger hunt
  10. 5 word cloud sites, top choices, and why

Next ten

  1. Nine strategies for teaching with Prezi
  2. AP 101: basic academic poster tech
  3. Eleven+ ways NOT to use PowerPoint
  4. The art of scientific photography
  5. Presentation bingo
  6. What can I do with a document camera?
  7. 12 reasons to use Box – and some caveats
  8. Timelines from Google spreadsheets
  9. The Technology Learning Cycle
  10. Infographics in the classroom

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